Friday, July 1, 2011

Carss park pool

DICK CAIN - Whilst slightly off putting the big letters plastered across the swimming entryway are eye catching.

It was also a name that we would see frequently on our trip to the changerooms (when we eventually found them).

The staff in the reception area were a friendly older couple with limited capacity to understand our hip dry cool wit. We had a larger than usual posse today and it took some smooth talking to allow a 4th adult with child to enter as a spectators only without paying pool entry. Might want to consider this if you usually attract a crowd to watch you swim.
It wasn't hard to imagine that this pool would have been a thriving happening place in the 60s and there wasn't a single square centimetre of blank wall space not adorned by bright signs and pictures. Sadly the decor hasn't moved on from this era which gave the centre a sort of charm in some eyes and sadly run down in others.

The changerooms were also equipped without any modern amenities. But did have a 20c slot for a generous warm/hot shower. However in a semi large group we had to take it in turns to shower due to limited facilities. There is also a gym attached, where I understand DICK CANE does his personal training, and was also the only gym I've seen play talkback radio for gym junkies to work out to.

The pool itself looked well worn but the water was crystal clear and the water was a little on the cold side but very clean and nice to swim in. The layout also allows for the sun to shine on the pool and as we were swimming in winter it was a welcome addition to this swim.

The surrounding area provides enjoyment for everyone. There was a coffee kiosk and restaurant where the service was terrible but we will give it the benefit of the doubt that they were having a bad day. A little beach for the kiddies, lots of grass and picinic tables. However, there were a great deal of pink, blue, yellow balloons and tablecloths bagsing (reserving) all the picinic tables. This makes us think the area is a boon for picnicking revellers.


Changerooms - 5 (Adequate but definitely in need of an upgrade)
Water Temp - 7 (A bit on the cold side but we prefer a slightly colder pool than an overheated one)
Water clarity - 9 (Crystal)
Water taste - 9 (Neutral)
Price - 6 (I want to say $5.50 is expensive but sadly it is more like standard)
Ambience - 4 (Please take down some of the signs and at least the DICK part of DICK CANE)
Staff - 7 (friendly and courteous however, do not attempt humour or sarcasm)

Overall - 6.5 - Would swim there again and worth a look if you can get past the second "s" in Carss park. Entertaining just for the shock value of the interior.

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